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News | Scheduled Maintenance: 11/03/2019

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Good day Revo Rebels!


Please be informed that we will be having a server maintenance on Monday, 11 March 2019 @ 23:59 Server Time (@time).


This scheduled maintenance will primarily take effect on the existing list of bugs within the server and change of seasonal server-wide event for the month of March! We will also be adding new achievements for a new Chronicle Quest, new in-game items and more Discord events to keep you guys on your toes! The following server-wide events will be available once the maintenance is over: Search for the Ivory Pearl and SunScream Summer Shindig!


Time to bring your best summer bods and shake them booties once I drop the sickest beats! Just kidding.. 😂


Server downtime will be 60 minutes, at most. Please make the necessary preparations. Changelogs are to follow once the server is up and running.


*sips on her Patata Colada*

Revolution is at Hand! ❤️




TfkpV1z.gif  TfkpV1z.gif  TfkpV1z.gif






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