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News | Scheduled Maintenance: 20/01/2019

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Good day Revo Rebels!


Please be informed that we will be having a server maintenance on Sunday, 20 January 2019 @ 23:59 Server Time (@time).


This scheduled maintenance's point of convergence is the implementation of our Official Battleground and War of Emperium settings. We have applied the best possible framework for the said Battle Events based on the suggestions that we have gathered from the Community. The amount of replies we got is not much but it was enough to know how the Community feels about the server. Everyone is enthusiastic and is looking forward to having a balanced gameplay that will eventually attract prospective players and still cater to the current Revo Rebels whilst taking into consideration the crucial steps we need to make for the future of Ragnarok Revolution!


Within the following the days, I will be releasing a detailed information regarding Battleground and War of Emperium. I have previously mentioned that this will not be the final settings. We will be taking in a last look on how the Community feels about the set-up and consider opinions for a definitive adjustment. From that point, the Administration Team will start on advertising the server again and will be diligently working on the implementation of our new contents. And with that being said, I am very much aware that our official announcements in relation to what we are currently working on for the server in the background doesn't suffice when it comes to most people in our Community, that's why I am starting a βeta Project Changelog. This will serve as a prerelease note containing all the contents that we are currently working on that will be implemented on our succeeding maintenance patches. I will be updating the said changelog every now and then to keep everyone informed about the server's current project status. You can click on the βeta Project Changelog image below and be redirected to its forum thread.


Furthermore, since we are very optimistic and are expecting new comers to arrive, we will be implementing Revo Weekend Soiree wherein Floating Rates will be applied during Fridays to Sundays to help our potential Revo Rebels to catch up and be able to settle in in our awesome Community! Yes, you guys are an awesome bunch, but still no Shower Event and Compensation from Ivoiire. Please. 😂


Server downtime will be 30 ~ 90 minutes, at most. Please make the necessary preparations. Official Changelogs are to follow once the server is up and running.


Keep growing my Dear Potatoes!

Revolution is at Hand! ❤️








TfkpV1z.gif  TfkpV1z.gif  TfkpV1z.gif







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