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News | Scheduled Maintenance: 06/01/2019

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Good day Revo Rebels!


Please be informed that we will be having a server maintenance on Sunday, 06 January 2019 @ 23:59 Server Time (@time).


We are starting this New Year with a big bang for Ragnarok Revolution! This scheduled maintenance's focal point revolves entirely around the server's overall improvement. We will be adding significant NPCs, apply preferable changes to current systems, fix reported and tested bugs, implement new quests and server-wide events but more importantly, introduce a Seasonal Schedule for King of Emperium and the most awaited Trial Period for Battlegrounds and the War of Emperium!


I would also like to update the Community regarding the recent server crashes that we've had last December. I have provided the rAthena crash log links over our Discord channel but to put it simply, the crashes returned guild-related issues and we were able to apply proper fixes at such short notice. Although fixes were applied, it affected some players not being able to get their Hourly and Daily Coins and we apologize for this inconvenience but restarting the server through this scheduled maintenance should patch the point at issue.


Another thing I want to announce is that come maintenance, the command @instancejump will be entirely removed. The said command was made and put out there for the Community to use because of the extreme and unbearable lag issues that gravely affected players doing instances. One condition that the Administration Team took to into consideration is that it will be taken out once the lag issue becomes a bit tolerable, which I believe we have currently reached at this point. I am also very much aware how my Revo Rebels are too resourceful that the command is being used to their advantage rather than it being used for the sole reason it was made available, as a simple band-aid for our server's lag problems. In every changelog I make, I always mention that we can revert any changes applied as we deem fit.


Please also note that I will be opening a Community Discussion for our Trial Battlegrounds and War of Emperium. Points of discussion will be disclosed with the announcement which is to follow in a later time before our scheduled maintenance. Everyone can join the Trial Battle Events in-game but I would require the Guild Leaders who are interested in joining the Official War of Emperium Launch to contact me directly through Discord [Xab#7777] for the reason that your guild can avail Guild Packages once it is made available. I'm looking forward to having a fun trial period and healthy discussion with the Community. Thank you so much!


Server downtime will be 2 ~ 3 hours, at most. Please make the necessary preparations. Changelogs are to follow once the server is up and running.


More potato powah to everyone!

Revolution is at Hand! ❤️




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