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Welcome to Ragnarok Revolution!

Playing the game is as easy as 1.. 2.. 3.. even when you're blindfolded!


We offer multi-platform gaming experience that will suit every RO Gamer's needs.

Choose from our wide array of platforms below and start your revolutionary journey with us!


TfkpV1z.gif  TfkpV1z.gif  TfkpV1z.gif



Full Client Installer is a stand-alone game client that will connect you to the main game server of Ragnarok Revolution.

The file size of the Full Client Installer is 2.2GB. Patch the game client after finishing your installation successfully.


FRxclmL.png   rVUzaue.png





AndRO is an emulator for Android Mobile OS working with Athena-based MMORPG servers that supports Ragnarok Online client.

Manually download the latest versions using the links below to open the .APK file on your Android file directory.


  j2jOcHz.png   ZhBu6Ip.png





roBrowser is a free and open-source project implementation of the Ragnarok Online MMORPG for different Web Browsers.

Make your way through the Ragnarok Revolution Panel and launch the roBrowser from the Sidebar Navigation Menu.







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In this technology-driven era we're all living in, 

Anything is possible, yet nothing is really perfectly made.


Here in Ragnarok Revolution, we try to cater to every need of the Community, so to speak.

The following information would help you find the platform that will suit your taste!


TfkpV1z.gif  TfkpV1z.gif  TfkpV1z.gif



The RagnaREVO Installer is an integrated game client which contains all the necessary files to start playing Ragnarok Revolution.

You will need at least 5GB of free memory to download the full client and install the file successfully.







AndRO is a MMORPG client for Android working with Athena-based MMORPG servers like Ragnarok Online.

This App allows you to play RagnaREVO using any of your Android gadgets with ease and accessibility.








roBrowser is an open-source project and cross-platform solution based on the popular MMORPG, Ragnarok Online.

The concept is to access the game using a web browser via first-rate technologies: HTML5, Javascript, and WebGL.








@alootid	@mobinfo		@arealoot			@accept			@leader			  
@autoloot	@noask			@battleinfo			@duel			@listenbg		
@autotrade	@noks			@guildskill			@invite			@order			
@changegm	@rates			@noattack			@leave			@reportafk 		
@changeleader	@refresh		@packetfilter			@reject  		 		   
@commands	@showexp		@restock
@go		@showzeny		@restockadd			
@help		@storage		@restockdel			
@hominfo	@time			@storeequip			
@homstats	@uptime			@storeit			
@iteminfo	@whereis		@whobuy				
@jailtime	@whodrops		@whosell			


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