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Search for the Ivory Pearl



There was once a Lost City, a fair maiden's abode..

No one has seen her for so long, her whereabouts unknown..

But once in a blue moon, her angelic voice can be heard..

Is she really lost? Or just waiting to be searched.. 💙



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In welcoming the Summer Season, we bring you another month-long server-wide event, Search for the Ivory Pearl: Sink or Swim Edition!

You are in for a surprise as we have added a new custom monster.. The Queen of the Lost City, Evian the Mermaid!

Sink or swim with her.. You'll be getting the best of both her worlds whatever it is you choose!












You can opt to slay the Queen Mermaid Evian if you're fortunate enough to encounter her while doing summer-y things around RagnaRevo~

The custom mob Evian is tagged as an MVP Monster, hence upon killing it, you will be rewarded with a list of precious items!

You will get the Atlantis Crown as an exclusive prize which is only available through this 2019 Summer Festival Event!







Evian, Queen to the Lost City is a royalty that is impossibly hard to please, but with luck and patience, you will be able to tame her down.

You can use a Universal Taming Gift from our Donation Shop or from Staff-Held Events. If you're successful, you'll get an Evian Egg.

The Evian Egg can be hatched using an Incubator and can be fed it with Yggdrasil Berry. What now? Start flipping those fins!






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