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    • And I'm the other half of this conversation. Ello All, hope to get along with everyone here
    • Hello!! Everyone my name is Cynthia.. I'm here to have fun, make friends and Enjoy Quests with my Hubs Sylv3rSleeper.. ^_<! See you ingame.
    • Quick Preview guide for What is Love? Quest   Cupid is in big trouble. Someone is screwing his mission : make Mathilda happy. This is a story of a couple that fate is not good to them. Your choices will be the outcome of their story... and at the end, can you really define What is Love?   Requirements : Transcendent Job, Level 85+   Start the quest with Cupid near Prontera Church (prontera 236, 312)   After completing the task, he will instruct you to go to Mathilda (prontera 99, 323)  TIP : Be sure to answer her with the correct response!   As the story goes on, you will be dispatched to look for clues in Umbala and meet an Envoy Knight (umbala 67, 143)    After getting information, you will have a lead to Niflheim. You will meet a Suspicious Angel near the entrance   You will be instructed  to look for these Red Spirits. TIP : Needs to be in order! Interacting with it has a cooldown. Clue : Entrance>South after the bridge>Middle>South East>Floating Island   At this point, you will have to read carefully for the next steps and instructions of the quest. Quest has two endings depending on your choices.     -----Love is a feeling which is undefinable by words... but will be remembered by actions-----  
    • Good day Revo Rebels! Our scheduled maintenance is finally done! The server is now up and running! 
      The following are the things that has been updated and added to the game:   KINDLY PATCH YOUR GAME BEFORE PLAYING! THANK YOU! ❤️     Added Guarana Candy Quest Finalized Valkyrie Helm Quests Added Summer Box: Picnic Basket Implemented What is Love? Quests Added Valkyrie Assist (@to ValkAssist) Implemented Fishing System for Fishing Frenzy Event Changed 3rd Job Suits Location to Costume Accessory  Added New Achievement for new Rachel Chronicle Quest [Guide to follow within the Day] Disabled Server-Wide Valentine's Events: Flying Heartring Hunt and Let Loose Lovapalooza! Implemented Server-Wide Summer Events: Search for the Ivory Pearl and SunScream Summer Shindig!   Fixed Job Support Bug Fixed Solo Hat Script Bug Fixed Minor Bugs from the Last Update      We reserve the right to revert any of these updates at any time and apply adjustments, albeit they precede the said changes.   
    • Good day Revo Rebels!   Please be informed that we will be having a server maintenance on Monday, 11 March 2019 @ 23:59 Server Time (@time).   This scheduled maintenance will primarily take effect on the existing list of bugs within the server and change of seasonal server-wide event for the month of March! We will also be adding new achievements for a new Chronicle Quest, new in-game items and more Discord events to keep you guys on your toes! The following server-wide events will be available once the maintenance is over: Search for the Ivory Pearl and SunScream Summer Shindig!   Time to bring your best summer bods and shake them booties once I drop the sickest beats! Just kidding.. 😂   Server downtime will be 60 minutes, at most. Please make the necessary preparations. Changelogs are to follow once the server is up and running.   *sips on her Patata Colada* Revolution is at Hand! ❤️                  
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